Treeton Baptist Church

Serving God, Serving The Community

Our Services

Treeton Baptist Church provides spiritual welfare through the worship and praise of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our normal Sunday morning services (starting at 10.45am) are designed not only to worship our Lord - but also to teach the word through interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable sermons. 

We also have 'Fun Family Services'  - with lively music - Bubble Blowing Prayers - and 'Story Time' for the kids and young at heart! Generally these will be on the second Sunday of the month. 

When people come to know Jesus as the saviour we can provide water Immersion Baptism - in a warm welcoming baptismal tank within the main chapel.

We also provide the traditional church services of Infant and Child Dedications, Weddings & Wedding Vows Renewals. We also deal with the sadness of when someone dies by ensuring that our Funeral services are a celebration of life and a thanks to God for the life lived, whilst dealing with the very raw emotion of grief.

For any requests/further details in relation to any of our services please contact our Church Administrator (Ida Levin) through our 'Contact Us' page.