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This Christmas will be my last Christmas as Lay Pastor at Treeton Baptist Church.  It has been a fantastic five years, which seem to have passed in the blink of an eye, but the time has now come to pass on the baton.

Christmas is the time of year when we think about the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  He came to earth as a baby born of a virgin as the prophets had described in the Old Testament.

He came to earth as a baby, so that he could grow and develop along side us, to see us at our very best but also at our very worst.  He saw the good and the bad; a real life experience that I think shows why God had sent him to us.

There are so many things that this world has wrong with it and so very many things that are right and good and sometimes it is hard to see the good amongst all of the bad.

There is good, though.  Good deeds that we do on a daily basis that help other people.  A kind word or positive action, even if that has been to just be a shoulder to cry on for someone that needed it, are all things that make the good in the world.  It does not have to be earth shattering fantastic.

We were reminded though this morning, in the message brought to us by our good friend David Harvey, that good deeds do not lead to heaven.

Jesus came to us as that baby, laid in the manger, so that he could die for us as a man.  Why did he die? To save us all; to take the sin of humankind onto his bruised and battered body so that our path to eternal life is guaranteed. 

It is guaranteed as long as we have faith in him.  We can do all of the good deeds possible but it is for nought if we do not have faith in him.

So as we think about and celebrate the babe born in a manger, sing carols and have a jolly good time, remember that he came for us and don't just think about it at Christmas time, it is something to cherish and worship until the end of our time on earth.

I have personal reasons for leaving the post of Lay Pastor - work and health concerns, family commitments  make it more and more difficult to stay in the post and do the work that is needed and I cannot 'sign off' without saying a few thank you's.

Firstly to my wife and children, all of which have supported me through the last five years. Secondly, the Deacons, Belle, Ida, Maureen, Jenny and Gordon who have been and continue to be the driving force behind the church, each with their own 'church' responsibilities and who without, I would have not been able to last five years!

To the church membership for accepting this lowly soul as Lay Pastor and for all of the people who have joined us in our church services and events, the helpers and the visitors.

To our great friends - the visiting speakers (too many to mention individually); To Richard and Hazel and Richards great sense of humour which along side mine, got us in some trouble during our training!

To Colin and Ian, for the tireless dedication to the upkeep of the Church building and grounds and to Darren for looking after the technology.

To Lay Pastor Mick Cooling of Darnal Road Baptist Church for being my mentor; and the friendship out two churches have.

Lastly, to the people of Treeton and the surrounding areas.  Thank you for letting me part of the special days in your lives, Weddings, Funerals and Child Dedications.

It has been an honour to serve God and the community in this way and I will miss it.  I want to urge you all though, if you have had, through any association with the church, a spark, even just a flicker of wanting to know God more, then please come and see us.  We see lots of people at our community events which is brilliant, but we are not here for that.  We are here so that those people who know God a little, those that don't know him at all but want to get to know him, and those that do know him and have that personal relationship with him, can come and worship and grow in faith with him.  If that stops, then the church stops!

Thank you and I wish you and yours and very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.



I would like to also take this opportunity to ask you to visit our 'links page' and on there you will find a link to the Facebook page of Attic Prints.  My full time job is to help people get back into work and 'Attic Prints' is the business name of a very talented young artist named Gabriella who I have had the pleasure of working with, so go on - give her page a visit and support this talented local artist.